Ukrainian women are naturally very pretty. You won’t even notice them without some makeup (which by the way is very rare nowadays), because without any makeup they look like a million dollar. All that’s missing are their dark eyes, lips, eyebrows and hair. Their skin color is normally quite fair, their hair style usually varies from short to long, and they all have high cheekbones for a better look. So if you want to date a woman from this group of people, here are a few tips that will definitely help you get a beautiful specimen.

– No makeup at all. As I have already mentioned above, all Ukrainian women have beautiful Ukrainian women genes in their families, so all those beautiful Ukrainian women ancestors were probably already your ancestors too. Hence, all those beautiful Ukrainian women from the past, including you, probably have the same ugly features that make a beautiful Ukrainian woman. The only difference is that they had the nice features that we have today.

– Modern Ukraine women don’t really like to take makeup at all. However, you will often see modern Ukrainian women in photos sporting obvious makeup – eye shadows, blush, lipstick, eyeliner and lash line, that sort of thing. You need to understand that not all Ukrainians who look so good in photos got that way by nature. A lot of them have learned how to do it!

– Eastern European women are beautiful too! Nowadays Ukrainians tend to marry western men. This usually happens when they come from an ethnic group that has a higher percentage of men who are either from the east (like Ruthenia) or from the west (like Czechs). Eastern European women have also been known to be more popular with western men than others, which probably explains why they get beautiful western European husbands.

– Even though Ukrainian women might be considered very frigid compared to other Eastern Europeans, they still take time off during menstruation. And the best thing about that is that they never discuss it publicly. Therefore you won’t find any news about it in any local publications. The best way to approach this problem is to start dating one of your Ukrainian women’s sisters. Most beautiful Ukrainian women have more than one sibling, and most beautiful sisters would love to get into a relationship with you.

– Eastern Europeans does not like to be referred as “fags”. And this means that you better not call your beautiful ladies Ukrainian women. They might feel offended and will most likely not want to enter into a relationship with you. Instead of calling your beautiful Ukrainian women, try calling them by their names. The name of their parents, for example, would be more appropriate than Ukrainian women’s name. In addition, make sure that you do not call your beautiful Ukrainian women by their names in public, as it might make you look like an uncultured jerk.

– Another thing that you should know about dating Ukrainian women is that they do not like to talk about politics. But if you can keep talking to her about politics then you have a chance of getting to know each other better. Keep in mind that Ukrainian culture does not respect different opinions, but it respects those opinions that agree with the motherland. That is why the Ukrainians will not be offended by you telling them what you think about the government or the way things are going in the country. Just keep talking and she will open up to you.

So, if you are planning on dating a Ukrainian lady then you should know these tips. If you really want to find out more about dating beautiful Ukrainian women then you can try joining online dating sites. There you will meet thousands of Ukrainian women who want to date western men. So, start learning how to attract beautiful Ukrainian women today!

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